KYC check results for: #hashlink12395

Package: Basic / Full

Name: John Doe
Date of birth: 01-01-1981
Country location: Netherlands

☑ ID Check: Approved
             ID Face Comparison: FAILED
☑ Sanctions (OFAC): Approved
☑ PEP Check: Approved
☑ +600 other watch, regulatory list Approved
☑ Adverse Media: Approved


KYC checks Lite Basic  Full
Sanction List – OFAC (SDN), EU, UN, DNB, AFM only x x X
PEP only x x X
ID verification
OFAC x x
Automatic check x x
Type of document x x
Stolen / Lost document (if possible) VIS x x
Data extraction x x
MRZ-check x x
MRZ comparison with personal information of ID-document x x
Manual check ID x x
MRZ font check (manual) x x
Photo integration check (manual) x x
Face comparison  auto (selfie) x
Global Watchlists: 600+ sanction, PEP, watch, regulatory, and law enforcement lists includes: OFAC, UK HMT, EU, OSFI, FATF and the Australian DFAT. x
Adverse Media; Int. adverse electronic and physical media searches x